Friday, December 12, 2008

Vixta : Fedora Based Windows Vista Clone

Vixta is a Fedora-based distro with a custom KDE-based interface. Lots of features like widgets, a Vista-like start menu and taskbar, and evil looks from your die-hard open-source components. Under the hood, there's no mistaking Vixta for Windows. If you're a Linux user, that's probably a good thing, but somehow we doubt Vixta will convince many Windows users to switch to Linux.

Download Distro from Here

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Star Wars Movie in Windows XP

Very few people will have an idea of that windows XP have a hidden "Star Wars Movie" inside it…. Hey... Sounds little bit crazy or different.. but it has got a good movie.. one will appreciate work..

Follow below steps to check out Movie..

1. connecte ur PC to the INTERNET for using this.
2 .Go to “starts” button
3.Click on “Run” button.
4.TYPE telnet
And hit enter ok.........

Enjoy and stay tuned.. to get More things..
Download amazing Vista Themes for Windows XP, below file contains about 70 themes.. one can download from Rapidshare.


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