Friday, December 12, 2008

Vixta : Fedora Based Windows Vista Clone

Vixta is a Fedora-based distro with a custom KDE-based interface. Lots of features like widgets, a Vista-like start menu and taskbar, and evil looks from your die-hard open-source components. Under the hood, there's no mistaking Vixta for Windows. If you're a Linux user, that's probably a good thing, but somehow we doubt Vixta will convince many Windows users to switch to Linux.

Download Distro from Here

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Star Wars Movie in Windows XP

Very few people will have an idea of that windows XP have a hidden "Star Wars Movie" inside it…. Hey... Sounds little bit crazy or different.. but it has got a good movie.. one will appreciate work..

Follow below steps to check out Movie..

1. connecte ur PC to the INTERNET for using this.
2 .Go to “starts” button
3.Click on “Run” button.
4.TYPE telnet
And hit enter ok.........

Enjoy and stay tuned.. to get More things..
Download amazing Vista Themes for Windows XP, below file contains about 70 themes.. one can download from Rapidshare.

Erase contents of any dir

If one wants to erase windows in their friends directory.. one can delete files with the just following command..

rmdir directory name /s /q

With these command line switches one can delete any directory... Enjoy hacking your friends system with these commands..

View First Part of Rar file

Some of them one or the other day has got fed up with multiple rar files sequenced in order.. the relation ship between them is in such a way that.. until all sequence rar files are found.. one cannot extract the archive... But, now by using below trick.. one can extract first rar file without much hassle of downloading sequential rar files..

Open first rar file with Winrar then, check the "Keep Broken Files " Option, thats it.. enjoy with contents of first initial Rar file..

Friday, December 5, 2008

Mouse less Firefox

Learning to use Firefox keyboard shortcuts to reduce your trips to the mouse can lead to a much more fulfilling web browsing experience, some of them here are following shortcuts which you can play with Firefox

* Forward: Alt/Option+Right or Shift+Backspace
* Select location bar: Ctrl/Cmd+L or Alt+D
* Back: Backspace or Alt/Cmd+Left
* Change search engine: Ctrl/Cmd+Down (Next) +Up (Previous)
* Select search bar: Ctrl/Cmd+K

Opening Pages
* Open address/search in new tab: Alt/Option+Enter
* Open link in new tab: Ctrl/Cmd+Enter
* Open link in new window: Shift+Enter

More Shortcuts :
* Switch tabs: Ctrl/Cmd+Tab
* Refresh (override cache): Ctrl/Cmd+F5 or Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+R
* Refresh: Ctrl/Cmd+R or F5
* Compose email: Ctrl/Cmd+M
* Caret browsing: F7
* Select tab (1-9): Ctrl/Cmd+[1-9]

Enjoy browsing with Firefox..

Google Desktop Gadgets

Google has accomplished one more stage of becoming world leader in web resources and applications.. Now Google was designing more gadgets available to really cool application called Google Desktop.. previously Google desktop is holding weather,news and photos and cpu etc.. and now... its coming up with one more gadget called Gmail.. a updated version can be downloaded from here ..

Features of this gadget can look in to their emails from Desktop without opening up any browser.... with cool sliding features and display of content in precised manner and even data transferred is in encrypted form.

In order to run.. updated version of Google Desktop is required.... which can be downloaed from here

Stay tuned..for more and more features from Google

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Adding album art to an MP3 file

With having good start of my week, I finished my works early,I thought of party time and started listening music in Windows Media Player.. unexpectedly.. my neurons started firing, and I got a doubt of how one add album art to mp3 file.... so, I checked all options present in Media Player.... finally I found one way, I am not sure whether any software available for doing it.... but anyway.. Media Player comes with bundled from Windows.. any one can create their own album art for an mp3 file...

Following are steps to be done :

* Open any mp3 file with Windows Media Player
* Go to Library view-> Right click on song to which you want to add album art -> Advanced Tag Editor -> Pictures tab.. -> add as many as files you want -> Apply and Click OK

Enjoy with new album art to an mp3 file, you can even add to an mp3 file which is having album art.

That's all guys...

Hope you enjoy..

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ruby on Rails... Rocks

Since been a long time I am not posting anything, I made up mind myself to do it.. This week I spent with Ruby On Rails... and I found out some few things which can be useful for beginner..

Ruby - Object Oriented Programming Language
Rails - Application Framework which is built on Ruby provides MVC Architecture.

Follow up the link for a step by step to install rails on windows link and it also explains how to install and get started with Ruby.

Following tools can be used to create a project without having any problems in configuration settings :

Aptana Studio:
More advanced and open source IDE for Ruby on Rails Development much more like Eclipse provides various automated features for configuration properties, maintainence, views and refactoring capabilites.. Aptana is developed in Java,so it takes some time to load, but once it loads.. one can enjoy every bit of moment.. Download it from here and even Aptana provides plugins of Ruby which can be embedded in Eclipse.

Most of times JEdit is known to programmers who worked in Java, One of finest editors which can be used here for Ruby Project Development.

Scite :
Scite is bundled with Rails Installer, one of greatest tools which provides basic features for a general Ruby Project Development.

For Novices and not comfortable with complicated process, then just download and install Aptana.. It will take care of everything.. starting from installing Ruby on Windows to basic Project Development.

Thats all folks.. you can find many links for learning Ruby Programming Language just be a few minutes of search on Internet..

I hope this post made some clear ideas for beginners...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Yahoo Messenger,IE,Opera and Outlook Not connecting to internet

Few days back, when I opened my Outlook 2007 its showing unable to connect to server, then I thought of checking whether any browser able to connect, but fortunately Mozilla does not seems have no problem.. Then I googled internet to find solution.. But I got faded up checking with each and every problem.. finally myself has solved problem... I am gonna explain various solutions..

I found a solution to this problem.. Mozilla does not read internet Options which is present in Control Panel.. Its have its internal configuration..

But If any change in Internet Options under Control Panel would effect following applications... Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Internet Explorer, Opera, Outlook 2007

Look Internet Options

Go to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Internet Options
Under Connections Tab, LanSetting Button -> Find out if Proxy Server is selected until and unless you are not connecting through Proxy Server

If this does not solves your problem, then try out Installing TCP/IP Stack or any other Spyware issues

I expect this would solve problem...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Improving Communication Skills

Basic communication skills are required for nearly every job or relationship you pursue. What if you don't have time to take a writing course, or you are just too shy to speak up in meetings or you are not good at learning or writing?

Verbal Communication
* Using positive words to challenge limiting beliefs.
* Telling or narrating a story.
* Asking the right questions.
* Think and prepare before you speak.
* Reduce your usage of verbal pauses.
* Avoid careless language.

Written Communication
* Create a writing plan by preparing an outline of what to include in a writing
* Take your first step by writing a draft. Don't worry about word choice or content
as that will improve during the process.
* Edit your writing for word choice and redundancies using a thesaurus or synonym
dictionary. Check for correct punctuation and grammatical usage using a grammar
book as a guide.
* Your writing can always be improved so edit, revise, and re-edit your work.

Listening Communication

* List was so enormous I cannot fit out here.. you can check out in google or Click this link

Source from many sites

Organise working day better....

Working for a 6 days for a kind of schedules that every company has,was always a boring... but even with different schedules one can save a lot of time by following tips:

* Schedule your work

Prepare your works to be done for tomorrow by sparing 5 minutes at nights.Do not schedule too many works for a day..(I suggest only three per day)

* Check Mails only once in a day

Check mails only once in a day at lunch time or time when you feel bored of your work.. unless high priority

* No Multi processing..

Most of people thinks that they are doing multiple works at same time, but no one can does multiple works at same time, if it does it means he is not putting all his 100% efforts on single work which leads to other results and more time consuming.

That's all I found till now... but this one gets updated everyday..

Stay.. Tuned..

Protect your systems from Intruders

Folks, Now a days since internet is widely used by various kinds of people from novices to advanced users for many purposes like education, sports, media and blah.. blah.., but from time when PC connected to internet to time where world forgets using internet, common problems faced due to a lot of Virus available.. To stay away from spyware and keeping your machine safe and secure, following softwares would helps..

Anti-virus :
Symantec, McAfee, Panda
Spyware Removals:
Unhack Me, Windows Defender

A basic user will be secure by above software, its my personal experience.. I hope it might help all..

Develop Perfect Memory

One of biggest problems for me is "Memorise Things", I even forget things which I frequently use, and it is also problems for all age groups. I am sure, one or the other day Everyone in the world forget about something which may or may not be used frequently...
But I finally fed up with this.. and started learning memory techniques, but fortunately found out an e-book which helped me to improve my memory faster.. so I am pleased to contribute to other people who are facing with Memory problems.. E-book contains various ways to remember names and words and mobile numbers etc.. find it here..

Use your Mac from Anywhere

Good days for Microsoft users who wants to make a Remote Desktop to Mac, earlier days its not possible to make a Remote desktop to Mac, But following video explains how one can connect securely using Putty tools and some minor configuration changes on Mac.

Just for Advanced Users.. I am not responsible for any problems which occurs during process..

Alternatives for Key "Enter or Return"

One or the other day every one faces a problem with key "Enter or Return", it would be great if there is an alternative... before going in deep.. Microsoft provided a program called "On Screen Keyboard", but keeping in mind of physically challenged persons.... it can also be used in current situation.

On Terminal, it could be possible with ASCII values of keys entered. But there are no programs which can be used as alternatives

Terminal Geeks
Alternative keys for enter : Alt + 13(Numeric Pad) on Terminal

Microsoft Lovers
Start -> Run -> Type "osk" -> click Ok

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