Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ruby on Rails... Rocks

Since been a long time I am not posting anything, I made up mind myself to do it.. This week I spent with Ruby On Rails... and I found out some few things which can be useful for beginner..

Ruby - Object Oriented Programming Language
Rails - Application Framework which is built on Ruby provides MVC Architecture.

Follow up the link for a step by step to install rails on windows link and it also explains how to install and get started with Ruby.

Following tools can be used to create a project without having any problems in configuration settings :

Aptana Studio:
More advanced and open source IDE for Ruby on Rails Development much more like Eclipse provides various automated features for configuration properties, maintainence, views and refactoring capabilites.. Aptana is developed in Java,so it takes some time to load, but once it loads.. one can enjoy every bit of moment.. Download it from here and even Aptana provides plugins of Ruby which can be embedded in Eclipse.

Most of times JEdit is known to programmers who worked in Java, One of finest editors which can be used here for Ruby Project Development.

Scite :
Scite is bundled with Rails Installer, one of greatest tools which provides basic features for a general Ruby Project Development.

For Novices and not comfortable with complicated process, then just download and install Aptana.. It will take care of everything.. starting from installing Ruby on Windows to basic Project Development.

Thats all folks.. you can find many links for learning Ruby Programming Language just be a few minutes of search on Internet..

I hope this post made some clear ideas for beginners...

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