Sunday, November 23, 2008

Organise working day better....

Working for a 6 days for a kind of schedules that every company has,was always a boring... but even with different schedules one can save a lot of time by following tips:

* Schedule your work

Prepare your works to be done for tomorrow by sparing 5 minutes at nights.Do not schedule too many works for a day..(I suggest only three per day)

* Check Mails only once in a day

Check mails only once in a day at lunch time or time when you feel bored of your work.. unless high priority

* No Multi processing..

Most of people thinks that they are doing multiple works at same time, but no one can does multiple works at same time, if it does it means he is not putting all his 100% efforts on single work which leads to other results and more time consuming.

That's all I found till now... but this one gets updated everyday..

Stay.. Tuned..

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