Sunday, November 23, 2008

Improving Communication Skills

Basic communication skills are required for nearly every job or relationship you pursue. What if you don't have time to take a writing course, or you are just too shy to speak up in meetings or you are not good at learning or writing?

Verbal Communication
* Using positive words to challenge limiting beliefs.
* Telling or narrating a story.
* Asking the right questions.
* Think and prepare before you speak.
* Reduce your usage of verbal pauses.
* Avoid careless language.

Written Communication
* Create a writing plan by preparing an outline of what to include in a writing
* Take your first step by writing a draft. Don't worry about word choice or content
as that will improve during the process.
* Edit your writing for word choice and redundancies using a thesaurus or synonym
dictionary. Check for correct punctuation and grammatical usage using a grammar
book as a guide.
* Your writing can always be improved so edit, revise, and re-edit your work.

Listening Communication

* List was so enormous I cannot fit out here.. you can check out in google or Click this link

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