Sunday, November 30, 2008

Adding album art to an MP3 file

With having good start of my week, I finished my works early,I thought of party time and started listening music in Windows Media Player.. unexpectedly.. my neurons started firing, and I got a doubt of how one add album art to mp3 file.... so, I checked all options present in Media Player.... finally I found one way, I am not sure whether any software available for doing it.... but anyway.. Media Player comes with bundled from Windows.. any one can create their own album art for an mp3 file...

Following are steps to be done :

* Open any mp3 file with Windows Media Player
* Go to Library view-> Right click on song to which you want to add album art -> Advanced Tag Editor -> Pictures tab.. -> add as many as files you want -> Apply and Click OK

Enjoy with new album art to an mp3 file, you can even add to an mp3 file which is having album art.

That's all guys...

Hope you enjoy..

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